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 "Looking Foward In Working With You "

"Kudos It's incredible how thorough your work is GoingAboveAndBeyond Thanks so much Brother on your integrity and professionalism. Looking forward in working with you more in the future"

- Assistant College Baseball Coach Scott Considine 

 "We're Extremely Grateful"

"We're extremely grateful to have andy potts from nli scouting help us with catie reszel recruitment process. his knowledge, the relationships he builds with college COACHES and the arduous long hours he spends on the phone and sending emails are APPRECIATED tremendously."

-Maria R. 

 "You've Seriously Been a Blessing"

"I'm pumped, thank you for everything you've done Chris. You've seriously been a blessing."



"Had a chance to meet chris yesterday, at true professional!!! VERY excited for my son working with NLI Scouting."


 "He Has Great Advice, Listen To It!"

"if you have a chance to work with chris hunt... he's great. he does what he says. he will and has great advice, listen to it!"

-Angela LePoint 

 "Stoked to be Part of the NLI Family"

"Thanks for the warm welcome Andy Potts, we're pretty stoked to be a part of the NLI family."

-Ree Walker Greer 

 "Deserve Parents Attention"

"you might try to navigate the waters yourself but having known many college players as well as raised one myself and having played D1. NLI enjoys the resources and the reputation to deserve parents attention as THEIR children strive to play into college."

-Coach Fred Arnold 

 "5 Stars"

"5 stars! I highly recommend!"

-Davide Calise 



 "The Real Deal"

"NLI Scouting Service is the real deal!"

-Keith Stubbs 




 "So Thankful That We Did"

"The Recruiting process can be overwhelming. it DOESN'T have to be. we made a decision to partner with andy potts and we are so thankful that we did. most families are not prepared for this difficult journey. we are grateful to have him in our court."

-Michael O'Grady (NLI Prospect's Parent)




 "NLI Is A Great Platform"

"NLI is great platform that allows PLAYERS an OPPORTUNITY to play at the NEXT level."

-Micheal Nunez



 "Blessed To Have These Guys"

"blessed to have these guys representing me. big things coming stay tuned."

-Perez Burrows (NLI Prospect Bahamas) 

 "Been a Blessing Through This Whole Process"

"thanks again jordan for all you have done!! you've been a blessing through this whole process."

-Bob Roney

 "First Class Recruiting Service"

"thank you andy potts and nli scouting for all you do for ava and all the other athletes. truly a first class recruiting service."

-Michelle Stevenson (NLI Prospect Parent) 

"It's The Best Around"

"thank you for all you've done for me jordan ostrov. can't wait to see you next, hope nli prospering because it's the best around!"

-Declan Buckle (NLI Alumni) 

"Genuinely Caring And Helpful Individual"

"Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family andy! you are a GENUINELY caring and helpful INDIVIDUAL. we cant imagine going through this process with anyone else other than you and nli and a huge thank you for being a great friend to us. your family is truly a relation of how remarkable you are as a person to others."

-NLI Scouting Prospect Parent 

 "Thank You Chris Hunt"

"Very excited for William! Today, he committed to play baseball at Ave Maria University next year. He is excited to be given the opportunity to continue to play baseball and begin the next stage of his academics! Thank you to Chris Hunt at NLI Scouting for his help too!! So proud of William for his hard work and staying focused!"

-Allison Shea

 "Great Scouting Service"

"Great scouting service for high school athletes. all sports contact me and i will get you set up with chris hunt or jordan ostrov."

-Hunter Hubbard

 "Helping Dreams Come True"

"It's so INSPIRING to see YOUNG ATHLETES follow their dreams and plat at the collegiate level. their EXPERIENCE at college is something that also few get to experience, only 5% ATHLETES make it to the COLLEGE level. It's INCREDIBLE to have people like jordan Ostrov and chris hunt, owners of nli scouting, helping make these dreams come true. so proud of the hard work you guys put in for these kids."

-NLI Scouting Family Member 

 "Contacts Like Yourselves are Invaluable for Me"

"Hey chris and jordan, i love the video it lays it out perfectly for POTENTIAL recruits. COLLEGE coaches like myself have only so much budget, and time to find our upcoming players for the next 2-3 year time frame. contacts like yourselves are invaluable for me. i trust the info you send to me so i can focus on the players that you have identified."

-College Head Coach

 "Highly Recommend This Company"

"Chris hunt and the entire nli team are just PHENOMENAL! if you want your athlete to play at the next level they will guide you through the process and have DELIVERED a d1 scholarship for my son. GENUINELY good people, LEGITIMATE, honest men of their word. HIGHLY recommend this company."

-Tommy Melani 

 "Real Recognize Real"

"Keep up the great work Andy. Real recognize real!"

-J Miller & Company


 "NLI is Unlike Any Other Recruiting and Scouting Service"

"NLI scouting is unlike any other RECRUITING and scouting service. The nli team is very SELECTIVE ABOUT the athletes that they REPRESENT and take the promotion of their clients to a whole other level. nli actually attends the events that their athletes are playing in, takes video of them for coaches and offers them constructive feedback on their outings. most of these services are just about the money and take any athlete that will pay them, not nli. nli will be honest with you about your son OR daughter's ABILITY to play at then next level if they have the potential, nli is the company that i would CHOOSE to make sure that they are sen chris and his team helped my son to a D-1 baseball scholarship! i HONESTly believe that we would'nt be in this POSITION without them."


 "Thank You Andy Potts for Identifying Me"

"just joined the nli team. thank you andy potts for IDENTIFYING me, believing i have what it takes, and sticking with me. we are starting this facebook page for my family and friends to follow my journey."

-Kayla Cabaccang

 "Hands Down the Best"

"I have looked at several RECRUITING and scouting firms. this is hands down the best TOP notch organization."

-Bobby Roberts 

 "You Are The Best"

"jordan- you are the best! thanks for all your support & GUIDANCE helping to get david hill to the next level- college baseball."

-Suz Hill 


"thank you andy! love the support from nli scouting and all the BB girls Feeling #Blessedandgreatful."

-Kayla Cabaccang (NLI Prospect)

Tune in and listen to another happy NLI Scouting prospect, 2019 C and Fairleigh Dickinson University commit Will Cialone. We are pumped up for you and your family, and also Head Coach Justin Mckay who is getting a great one.#NLI #BeIdentified #BeRecruited

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NLI Scouting Makes A Difference! #NLI #BeIdentified #BeRecruited

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NLI Scouting 2021 SS/RHP Luke LeMond talks about his incredible experience at last Saturday's NLI Showcase Series West Palm Beach at Fitteam Ballpark of the Palm Beaches. Our next one, NLI Showcase Series Lonestar Classic, is on October 12th in Tyler, TX. Register to attend another incredible event at: #BeIdentified #BeRecruited #Baseball

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NLI Scouting 2021 1B Sebastian Rigueiro is one of many satisfied prospects from last Saturday's NLI Showcase Series West Palm Beach at FITTEAM Ballpark of the Palm Beaches. Great info on the recruiting process from NLI Scouting staff, info about the mental approach from Off The Field Performance Coaching, a recruiting video from Brett Hammond, and many college coaches evaluating you make it a no brainer. Register for the NLI Showcase Series Lonestar Classic being held on October 12th in Tyler, Texas at: #BeIdentified #BeRecruited #Baseball

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Rave reviews keep pouring in from prospects and college coaches about NLI Scouting Showcase Series events. 2023 Luke Berryhill from Texas expressing his thoughts about last weekend's West Palm Beach Showcase at FITTEAM Ballpark of the Palm Beaches. Make sure and register for NLI Showcase Series Lonestar Classic being held in Tyler, Texas on October 12th. You definitely will be impressed. #BeIdentified #BeRecruited #Baseball

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