Recruiting Questions? Call Us: 941 322 4148

Coach (preferably Recruiting Coordinator's last name),

My name is (your first and last name).  I am a (grad year and position) who attends (name of high school) in (city & state) and plays Showcase for (name of travel ball team).  I have researched your school and baseball program, and I am legitimately interested in getting identified by your coaching staff as a potential recruit.  Please review videos of me at (copy and paste NLI Scouting profile link) and at (any other site such as PG profile link, etc.).  If you need more information about me please feel free to contact Chris Hunt at NLI Scouting at (941) 322-4148/ and/or ( high school coach, travel ball coach, position specific coach, etc.).  I look forward to hearing back from you.  Best regards.

At this point, coaches will send you info on upcoming camps.  If any do, let Chris know.  Chris will contact them to gauge interest level so you attend camps where you are going as a recruit, and not simply as another camper.  Get it!!!