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The NLI Difference

A common question that we get from families who are interested in our services is, “What do you do to help my son/daughter to achieve their goals?” At NLI Scouting, our answer to this question is not a cookie-cutter answer for every prospect. While our process, connections, and communication is rock solid with our prospects […]

The Importance of Academics in the Recruitment Process

Most high school students and their parents don’t understand the importance of academics in college recruiting and the emphasis that college athletic programs place on grades. College coaches want athletes in their programs that will represent themselves and their university in a positive light and good grades are a great start. A good athlete with […]

Which Test Should I Take, SAT or ACT?

Which test should I take, SAT or ACT? This is a question that is asked by almost every high school student at some point in their academic career, whether they are a student athlete or not. When digging deep into the question and trying to give the person advice, I always stress that there is […]