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1/6/2018: Pompano Beach, FL-

Phenom Recruiting, in conjunction with NLI Scouting, hosted a very successful recruiting combine on Saturday 1/6/18 at Highland Christian Academy in Pompano Beach. With over 40 highschool student-athletes, and over 10 colleges represented, it was a great setting to get these athletes identified by the representatives from each school.

“This was the first recruiting combine that NLI Scouting has been able to be apart of, and our staff was blown away at the professionalism displayed by Phenom Recruiting and their event organizers. It is no wonder Phenom is so successful with student-athletes in the Northeast, and it is our goal to replicate that here in Florida,” said NLI Scouting Director of Operations Nick Susie.

Phenom Recruiting is a recruiting service for student-athletes in the Northeast, and based out of New Jersey. We are proud to have a working relationship with Phenom to foster the best possible situations for our athletes no matter the region.