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There are a number of statements we hear often from would-be prospects including, “If I am good enough I will get recruited”, “I am already getting recruited, so I do not need your help”, and “I play travel ball and I am already getting recruited.” The most common statement we hear though is “My coach has this.” All of these statements are usually misguided. Coaching is one of the greatest professions and coaches want the best for every one of their players.

However, here is the simple truth: there are only 24 hours in a day. High school coaches are usually also teachers in the school they coach at, a spouse, a parent, and involved in other community functions. The same can be said for travel ball coaches. It doesn’t leave much time for a coach to ensure he/she actively communicates with college coaches to get you on the recruiting radar. Your coach is not being recruited. You are, and you must take control of your own recruiting process. This common misconception is one of the main reasons why only 7% of high school student-athletes move on to become collegiate student-athletes.