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contact information 

(985) 517-7137


Name: Mia Gex

Class: 2024

Location: Madisonville, LA


Desired College(s): 

GPA: 3.2

ACT Score: Will Be Taking In The Future

SAT Score: Will Be Taking In The Future

Academic Reward: Math and English Awards 

NCAA Eligibility #: 1903444684

NAIA Eligibility #: Will Provide Once Available 


Primary Position: PF

Secondary Position: C

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 165 lbs.

Dominant Hand: Right

Vertical Leap:

Points Per Game: 12.0

Assist Per Game: 3.0

Rebounds Per Game: 15.0

Free Throw Percentage: 83%

Three Pointer Percentage: 


Coaches Name: Leon Gex

Team: Shockaz AAU

Coaches Phone Number: (985) 517-7137

scouting report 

Mia Gex is from Madisonville, LA and is in the graduating class of 2024.  She will be attending Fontainbleau High School after completing middle school at Trafton Academy!  Mia currently plays her AAU ball with Shockaz.  She is a strong and long 5'11" and prides herself at the power forward and center positions.  We expect Mia to be a very special player and look forward to her future!  If you have any questions about Mia, please contact Andy Potts at (239) 823-3508 or email Andy at

7th Grade Defensive player of year Trafton Academy

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