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Issue: 6

"What Sets NLI Apart From The Others?"

There are many “Recruiting Services” available to prospects ranging from international companies who have been in existence for decades to one person companies, all of whom state they will get you identified and recruited to play your sport at the collegiate level.  NLI is NOT a “Recruiting Service.”

NLI is a scouting agency staffed with professionals who have and continue to excel in the sport they work. Unlike most “Recruiting Services” who do not require sport-specific experience from scouts hired, NLI is very selective on who we hire as scouts.  We understand our scouts are the reason our prospects get identified and play at the collegiate level.

Our scouts start with an established network of close, personal relationships with college coaches in the sport they work. We do not wear suits and ties sitting in cubicles sending mass emails to would-be prospects promising to get them to the collegiate level.  We are actively scouting events, evaluating talent, developing close relationships with coaches at the high school, travel, and collegiate levels, and identifying prospects who are projectable to the collegiate level.

We are not “open enrollment” for prospects to become a NLI prospect. If you are not projectable in the sport you play, if you do not excel in the classroom, and if you do not have the commitment level necessary to be a collegiate athlete, you will not be a NLI prospect.  However, if you do have these three factors you can be a NLI prospect and will benefit from it greatly.




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