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Issue: 5

“I Am Only A Freshman And Have Plenty Of Time To Get Recruited”


This phrase is a commonly used justification for families that are not ready to sign up for, or entertain the idea of using, a scouting service to get their athlete identified and actively recruited.

5-10 years ago, this may have been true. However, with the increased use of technology, and the growing reputations of legitimate scouting companies, the recruiting process for colleges has sped up exponentially. The bottom line is that college coaches are having athletes brought to them much earlier these days, and they view it as the earlier they can get a jump on their recruiting classes the better.

Throughout the recruiting world, there are examples in numerous sports that we could highlight to explain the importance of getting on a college coach’s radar early. At this moment, the University of Florida has two softball verbal commits from 7th grade players. And it can also be seen on the baseball and basketball side of things as well.

At NLI, we get countless requests from college coaches detailing their recruiting needs for upcoming classes. Almost every college that we work with on the Division 1 level has started working on the current sophomore and freshman class of high schoolers. This is why it is so important to get out there and get identified early.

The last thing you want to happen is to lose the opportunity to have a spot at a school not because someone else was better, but because someone else was ahead of you.


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