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Issue: 2

Now that the baseball showcase season is finished for the 2018 calendar year, we at NLI Scouting feel it is important for high school student-athletes to use this time to not only recover from the fall season, but also to position themselves for success in 2019. There are many different ways to look at this, but we would like to sum up 5 key points that we stress with the prospects that we work with.

  1. Check your academics. What does your GPA look like? Now is a good time to commit to improving your grades if they need to be improved. Make sure you are taking into account NCAA core courses and understanding the difference in how this can affect the GPA number you are seeing vs what a college would see.
  2. Plan out SAT/ACT testing dates. Information regarding testing dates and especially registration deadlines can be found on our website ( or through a simple online search. Another aspect of testing that should be considered is Prep courses. Investing in a sound prep course that will prepare you for the SAT or ACT is just as important as improving your GPA. Here is a video done by Director of Scouting Chris Hunt to find out if this step applies to you:
  3. Have you obtained an NCAA and NAIA eligibility number? When we first start working with prospects it is very common for us to ask about this, and the prospect have no idea what we are talking about. More information on this can be found via the NCAA here
  4. Evaluate where you are at in YOUR recruiting process. Are you actively talking with college coaches? Are you reaching out to potential schools that you are interested in? Do you have good video to send to coaches, or does this need to be a priority to obtain? Are you submitting questionnaires on the baseball websites of schools you are interested in? All of these are important questions to be able to answer when you are evaluating where you are at with your recruitment.
  5. Finally, make sure you are taking care of your body. Are you properly recovering from a busy showcase season? Have you looked into the different arm care programs readily available? Are you hitting the gym to become physically stronger? Do you have someone you can go to in order to receive competent advice to these questions? There are many different programs, instructors, coaches, etc. that can be available to you both online and locally to become both physically stronger and a better athlete over the winter months.

These are some of the many different aspects of the recruiting process that we guide our prospects through. As always, if you want to take control of your recruitment with the best in the business, contact us to evaluate your projectibility today.




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