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Being actively recruited is the goal of every student-athlete. Having said that, if you are only being actively recruited by a handful of schools do not become complacent assuming these schools are the right fit for you. I run into way too many athletes whose only objective is to be the first in their circle of friends and teammates to post on social media they have committed to a college. Regardless if you are being actively recruited by one school, or a handful of schools, your goal is to be recruited by as many schools as possible. For example, in baseball there are over 1600 college programs nationwide. If you are being actively recruited by five colleges, there are 1600 other colleges who may be better fits for you both academically and on the field.

NLI receives college coach requests nationwide and we know what college coaches are looking for in upcoming recruiting classes. We also use our knowledge and close relationships with college coaches to steer our prospects in the right direction. Being actively recruited is great, but there are many other factors to consider other than simply being on a college’s radar. What is the size of the campus, what is the student-teacher ratio, how many offers does the college already have out to other prospects, etc? NLI helps those who are already identified and getting actively recruited get even more attention from colleges nationwide. More importantly, we help educate prospects on the recruiting process and what other factors to consider while making a decision on where to ultimately commit.