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Candice Dupree Invitational 2019

Bob Martinez Athletics Center Tampa, FL - May 4th and 5th


The Candice Dupree Invitational was filled with talent at all levels. This event was hosted by the Tampa Thunder AAU organization, and they always do a fantastic job each year.  The Bob Martinez Athletics Center features 3 side by side courts and court 4 was across the street at the Cass gym.  Leaving the partitions up this year was an excellent idea and worked well even though is was a bit loud at times.  This enabled me to view all 3 games at one time.  Teams from all over FL participated along with many coaches and media evaluators in attendance.   This was a great weekend of viewing some high level competition, seeing many friends, coaches, and enjoying this great game of girls basketball.

Top Player Evaluations - Candice Dupree Invitational

2021 Kendall Cheesman 6'2" Guard

Team: Tampa Thunder - Team Dupree

Kendal was one of the top players in the tournament, and my favorite player to watch throughout the weekend.  She is tough, highly skilled in and away from the basket, and just flat out good.  I would say she is under evaluated slightly at this point even though she has current D1 and D2 offers.   She showed great leadership, and she is the go to option for Team Dupree.  Excited to continue to watch her over the Summer.

2023 Emma Risch 6'1" Guard

Team: East Coast United Murray -2020

Emma was not only the top 2023 but one of the top prospects in the event!  She is a Power 5 player that is impressive with her skills, length, IQ, and ability to knock down the 3!  She will be loaded with school opportunities as she moves through her basketball career, and should be one of the very best players in her 2023 class Nationally.

2022 Maddie Millar 5'8" Guard

Team: Clark Basketball Academy - 2020

Maddie's game is filled with toughness, grit, and she approaches the overall game with a high motor and winning mentality.  She is very skilled and can defend with her intensity.  She has a really good pull up and one that she should use more.  Already with several Power 5 offers I know she will continue to do great things on the court!

2020 Emani Jefferson Guard

Team: Florida Future

This is my 1st time seeing Emani from North Port, and I was impressed with many areas of her game.  She is tough and has a incredible motor which allows her to easily separate from her defender anytime she wants.  She is a strong finisher, can score in bunches, and had amazing body control in the air and around the rim.  I will look forward to seeing her again.

2021 Nyla Jean 5'7" Guard

Team: East Coast United Murray -2020

Nyla Jean can really play what else can I say.  She is incredibly fun to watch and love her personality on the court.  She is skilled, quick, and has an in rhythm jump shot.  In addition, she makes her entire team better and is extremely unselfish as a court leader.  Current offer from USF!

2021 Emani Burks 6'3" Post

Team: East Coast United Premier - 2021

Emani is an immediate impact player with her size and length.  She is a double double machine on any given night and has a pro style body.  Several D1 offers and she will continue to better with 2 years still remaining in high school.

2021 O'Mariah Gordon 5'5" Guard

Team: Florida Future

O'Mariah is one of the top PG's in the 2021 class Nationally!  She is tough, quick, can excel in transition, separate, and jump through the ceiling on her pull up.  She was very exciting to watch over 4 games Saturday and Sunday!  Obviously will be able to play at just about any Power 5 program she desires.

2020 Nubia Benedith 5'8" Guard

Team: East Coast United Murray -2020

I really loved watching Nubia play.  She plays with a special energy and is consistent in most parts of her game.  She plays with a lot of confidence, can lead a team, and knock down jumpers from all over the court.  She defends with a tenacity I don't see often.  She has several D1 offers, and I would guess more will come after July!

2021 Eno Inyang 6'4' Post

Team: East Coast United Murray -2020

Eno is a really solid and skilled post player.  She is big, balanced, and can do so many things on the offensive and defensive ends to create opportunities for her team! She is already an excellent rebounder and finisher to score loads of points if needed.  I was really impressed with her game and a top 2021 prospect.  Power 5 offers including Clemson!

2021 Chaniya Clark 6'4' Post

Team: Florida Future

I have been watching Chaniya (Baby Shaq) for several years.  She has some of the softest hands and interior shots in the game.  Her size has always been and is intimidating in many ways.  She is an excellent finisher but can get a bit off track with an aggressive defender or 2 on her.  I always enjoy watching her play.

Additional Players That Impressed:
Briana Edwards 2021 B-Elite
Madeline Morales 2020 Central FL Elite
Eleecia Carter 2023 CFE Nike 2022
Jada Eads 2024 CFE Nike 2022
Beka Benge 2020 East Coast United Murray 2020
Taja Stephens 2022 G Nation
Isabella Prada 2021 Tampa Thunder 2021
Anabel Ellison 2020 Tampa Thunder Team Dupree
D'Mya Ferguson 2020 Tampa Thunder Team Dupree

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